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If you were arrested for a criminal charge or are facing a criminal charge in Phoenix, Arizona or any other part of Arizona, contact us at The Law Office of Jared Allen PLLC for immediate help. Criminal allegations can seriously affect your reputation and ability to maintain or secure future employment.
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While we cannot guarantee an outcome, we can help you through every part of your criminal case. We will be by your side at every hearing, help you make decisions on which path to take, and in many cases, help you avoid going to court at all.

To begin getting the help you need, contact Phoenix, Arizona Attorney Jared Allen and request a free consultation. There is no further obligation and you will learn how the law firm can make a difference in the outcome of your case.

Time is very important after a Criminal arrest. The prosecution is already building its case against you and you could be days away from being charged. If you want to win your case, contact Attorney Jared Allen now.

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How To Get Criminal Charges Dismissed

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