FAQs Regarding Sex Crimes In Arizona

When Someone Is Arrested And Charged With A Sex Crime, And They Feel That Their Life Is Over, What Advice Can An Attorney Give Them?

First and foremost, attorneys are dealing with the idea that there are so many different potential outcomes, punishments, and things to negotiate over when it involves a sex crime, the eventual plea, sentence, or a resolution. They try to explain to a potential client what type of crime they are dealing with and the possible outcome, based on their experience in dealing with similar cases. Since attorney Jared Allen used to work in that bureau at the county attorney’s office, he is also fairly familiar with the plea offer policies. He is also familiar with a lot of the personnel over there, so he knows that there is a consistency with how the cases are handled, and he is able to give them some kind of idea what they are in for.

If Someone Believes That They Are Under Investigation Or Have Been Contacted By Law Enforcement In A Sex Crime Case, Should They Ever Cooperate Or Call An Attorney First?

Yes, they must unequivocally call an attorney. Even if they are put on the spot, they have every right to have an attorney present. So many sex crimes are being investigated purely on allegations made by an alleged victim. Therefore, consenting to an interview where you are making statements or not really sure what you are being accused of or locking yourself into a factual explanation of things that you have not had time to think about, discuss or look back into can be fatal to your case going forward. It is always good to consult with an attorney and decide even if you are going to cooperate and then if you are, to have someone there to mediate that conversation.

What Does The Prosecution Have To Prove In These Cases? How Difficult Is It For The Prosecution Side Of Things?

It depends. It is definitely easier especially in cases that involve images, child pornography, and things of that nature. If the state has got that type of material on a computer or a drive that is regularly in your possession, and they can tie you to that computer and the activity on that computer, those things are very easy and come with stiff punishments in Arizona.

When it comes to allegations of sexual assault, rape, and molestation, a lot of these cases do not have physical evidence, they just have statements. In the case that there is physical evidence such as DNA or otherwise, those pieces are definitely stronger. They are easier for the prosecution to put their witness statements together. If you do not have those, then the chances of getting to a much better resolution go up. Attorney Jared Allen has definitely seen that in cases where a lack of scientific evidence may not defeat the case entirely, it can significantly alter the potential plea that they enter into.

What Are Penalties For Conviction Of Sex Crimes In Arizona?

In every sex crimes case, there are three main areas that the person could be penalized in. First and foremost, are they going to go to jail or prison for any length of time? That is a very common component of a sex crime, especially a hands-on offense.

The second concern is whether they do that or not. There is going to be some type of probation period that goes along with it, either after the jail term or following the prison term. The question is will it be a short amount of time, will it be a specified amount of time, or will it be lifetime probation? In sex crimes, lifetime probation is often available. It is usually an arduous and strenuous experience for clients who have to be on lifetime probation that is another thing that the attorney is considering and worried about when they are trying to resolve cases and potentially a point of negotiation if you are balancing probation and incarceration times.

Finally, the last concern is will the clients have to register as a sex offender? That is often something that is found out after some period of time on probation where some testing and evaluation can be done to determine the kind of threat or concerns with the community going forward. Those are the three things that you can be punished with and then they are a balance in each case as to which ones and how long you are going to be dealing with incarceration, probation, registration.

What Are Some Of The Long Term Effects Outside Of The Legalities That Someone With A Conviction Of A Sex Crime Is Going To Face?

Some of the long term effects are just an obvious restriction on availability of types of jobs, where you may be able to live, who you may be able to interact with in terms of and put restrictions on having contact with minors, and things like that. The practical effect of all that is that sometimes it is so difficult and so detrimental that people lose the relationships with spouses and they will lose the relationships with their children. Those are some serious consequences and things to consider when resolving these cases.

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