Infant Wrongful Death Lawsuit West Palm Beach Florida

Causes Of Infant Death There are so many possible reasons for infant’s death which refers to the time of birth and 28 days of its age. Birth injuries can be the reason of the death of the infant. Almost 6 babies out of 1000 die before or soon after delivery. Medical malpractice is also known as medical misconduct that takes place due to the negligence of a doctor, insufficient hospital policies, misdiagnose or medication errors that may cause infant’s death. Medical misconduct can influence the pregnant women and their babies during parental concern and delivery. When anyone’s deed, judgment or… Read More

Murder Vs. Homicide In Arizona

Many people are confused by the differences between murder and homicide. To make it easy, consider that murder is a type of homicide. Homicide is killing of one person by another, whether willfully or accidentally. Not all homicides involve criminal actions, as some are justifiable. But murder is criminal and results in Arizona murder charges with potential of deadly lethal injection as part of sentencing. What Is Homicide? People involved in war often commit homicide. So not all of these types of deaths are criminal. Homicide includes: Lawful killing of another person in self-defense or according to legal procedures Intentional… Read More

Arizona Fraud Charges: What Do I Need To Do?

Fraud in Arizona is a broad category of charges based on dishonesty or misrepresentation of facts.  You also find yourself charged with fraud if you falsify statements or use deceitful behavior as part of “fraudulent acts.” You commit fraud when you intentionally deceive other people or entities to profit, gain other benefits or damage them.  You commit fraud in any of a wide range of environments or settings, such as in business activities or on the Internet. Both the state and federal prosecutors may charge you with these offenses, according to the nature of your crime activity. If you commit… Read More

Sex Crimes Involving Minors

In Arizona, sex crimes involving minors involve serious penalties. These crimes include luring a minor for sexual exploitation and child pornography offenses. The crimes also occur when one of the parties is known to be, or you have reason to know they are, a minor. Luring a Minor for Sexual Exploitation Luring a minor for sexual exploitation is a crime occurring when you lure or offer sex to a person you know or have reason to know is a minor. Arrest most often occurs as part of an undercover operation, with a law enforcement officer posing as a young female… Read More