How Do I Find Out Where My Friend Or Family Member Has Been Taken After Arrest?

That is always difficult to find someone after an arrest. Obviously, with attorneys we have things available to us through experience where we can call the sheriff’s office, and pinpoint where they might have been taken. Unfortunately, it is probably the same type of process for friends and family. You are just going to have to call there and typically, the information they are going to have is just the name, and date of birth to get things started.

It is not that difficult, but in the early proceedings, making those calls is the most effective way. There are some arresting agencies who have websites where you can locate people to find out what facilities they are in, pending trial. Obviously, there is the Department of corrections you may call.

How Do I Find A Qualified Attorney Right Away After An Arrest?

With me, it is always the earlier the better with these cases. I always think it is good to start with if you know someone who has been through an experience like this, friends, or family. If you are in a criminal situation, you want to search for a criminal defense attorney, not a family practice, or a general civil practice.

If you are arrested for a DUI, or an assault crime, find attorneys who practice these types of cases. That is how I tell people to approach it.

Can I Hire Another Attorney If I Am Not Satisfied With The First Attorney That I Hired?

Yes, the client has the right at any point to hire whomever they want, and to terminate whoever is representing them. They have that absolute right. Now, if it is closer to trial the judge can say, you are not switching counsel outside of extraordinary circumstances at this point. If a family member hires an attorney, and it is not working out well for them, and they want to hire someone else, then they can do that.

Can I Or An Attorney Help A Loved One Get Out Of Jail Right Away?

Typically, the attorney’s role in all of that is going to be a resource to provide bail bondsmen, and contact information. If a friend or family member wants to bond you out then they can absolutely do that as well. They can set that up while you are in custody. There are several ways it can go, but the most common way is for a friend or family member to bail that individual out.

How Can I Best Help A Loved One Once He Or She Has Been Arrested?

The best thing, after someone is arrested, is to try to get in touch with him or her, and figure out what it is they need, after they have been arrested. The most important thing is getting out of jail, and retaining counsel. Are there any arrangements on the outside? Are children’s appointments still things that you can help with? A little bit of all the things, that a friend or a family member can provide some assistance with is most important. If an individual is looking for an attorney, a friend, or a family member to help with that, then obviously it is the best use of time and resources while you are in custody.

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