How Does Being A Former Prosecutor Help When Practicing Criminal Law?

It has always been one of the most important differences between myself and other defense attorneys here in Arizona. One of the first things I thought when I decided to open my own law firm was how am I different? How do I distinguish myself? What services am I offering clients that are beneficial to the clients other than just being another defense attorney? I worked for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for well over five years, conducting numerous trials, and that experience has been invaluable to my clients in a number of ways. First and foremost, I tell every client that it does not give me special privileges over at the County Attorney’s Office; however, many of the people I used to work with are either still working there, or they have moved on to other prosecution agencies in Arizona like city attorneys’ offices or executive hearing offices.

I practice in all of the courts that these offices prosecute in, and it is nice to know that my reputation was solidified by the work I did as a prosecutor. I left the County Attorney’s Office on good terms, I had great relationships with my colleagues, and when I am trying to present something now from the defense’s point of view to a former colleague of mine, and I know that my reputation commands their respect. They will consider that I am not the kind of person that is constantly asking for a favor. They know if I am coming to them with something, it is well thought out, and they will give me an opportunity to be heard. All of this has definitely been helpful in negotiating fair resolutions for my clients. In practice, I have conducted many trials, and several of those have been over the last few years as a defense attorney. My trial experience is very hard to duplicate.

I have conducted serious felony and misdemeanor trials, as well as administrative hearings… just about every type of hearing I could do here in Arizona. I do not have any fear when it comes to going to trial. I enjoy being in trial, but I always try to encourage clients to consider their options because once you are in trial, there is no going back.

Interest In Handling Criminal Defense Cases

Generally, I just find criminal law to be more interesting than other areas of the law. There is never a dull moment. I am in a courtroom most days, which I really enjoy, and I love interacting with other attorneys in that environment. My practice covers all kinds of criminal cases, but, I have taken on more cases involving allegations of domestic violence and sexually motivated crimes. These cases often have related issues involving family law. I have developed some great relationships here in Arizona with several family law attorneys, so when I have clients that need that type of expertise, I will refer them to my colleagues in the family law sector. When family law attorneys have clients that need my help, it is usually in the context of domestic violence or sexually motivated crimes because the allegations are occurring in the middle of a divorce, a separation, or a dispute over child custody.

I have dealt with so many of these types of cases, and, fortunately, I have been very successful in handling these cases. I really enjoy working with the prosecutors that handle these cases because they are very good attorneys, very sharp. Everyone involved in these cases is working in a very difficult area of the law because these cases illicit strong emotional reactions from both sides. From my clients’ perspective, these are usually the situations where their family and they need the most help!

I have received substantial training and experience in these areas of the law, which is why I am so successful when defending my clients charged with domestic violence and sexually motivated offenses. There are so many different moving parts in these types of cases; there is a whole network of people that work on these types of cases and a host of resources at my clients’ disposal. My clients have benefitted from my being involved in these types of cases for several years now.

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