Unique Attributes Of Attorney Jared Allen In Handling Criminal Cases

First and foremost, my experience! There are a lot of defense attorneys out there, and a lot of them are new or trying new areas of law for the first time. It is tough to find someone that has worked for as long as I did as a prosecutor and has now worked almost equally as long as a defense attorney. The dual understanding of the criminal justice system, the ability to look at a case from both sides and know what the other side would be looking at and planning for and being able to counter that on the defense side is a unique aspect of my practice. When it comes to certain types of cases, domestic violence, sexually motivated crimes, violent crimes, the sheer amount of trial work that I have done and the volume of cases I have handled in those areas definitely puts me at the top of experienced lawyers who handle serious cases.

From a service standpoint, there are plenty of attorneys with experience and education, but you will see that in some firms, you come in, you do an intake, maybe even with that named attorney on the sign, and then your case is handed off to any number of other attorneys working at the firm or other staff working at the firm. You may not see the same person in court from one hearing to the next. With my clients, I do the consultation and I set the parameters for the defense with my clients. I am at every court hearing with my clients.

My clients have me reviewing their case personally. I do the work in the case. If motions get filed, I am drafting them. If legal research is being done, I am doing it. If discussions are being had with the prosecutor, I am having them. I do not delegate the legal work or the handling of someone’s case to any support staff or any other attorneys. I have definitely had some unique cases where I have worked with other attorneys on cases where we had codefendants or where the extra manpower on a complicated or a lengthy case was necessary. There is a huge difference when you have the attorney you hired, the attorney you initially met with, continuing to handle your case and having that continuity throughout the representation rather than being passed from one attorney to another.

My clients have always been very grateful for that, and they have been very happy with that experience. One of the things that I have learned from all of the work I have done, even well before I was an attorney, is that customer service matters. When clients have questions, I encourage them to call me. I tell clients there are no stupid questions, there are no questions that are unimportant to you, so I will do my best to answer them. This is a very stressful and difficult experience, and I am here to help with that. I tell people that I am available to them twenty-four seven. One of the things I have noticed with a lot of clients that I have signed up is that they are thrilled that when they called in their hour of need, whether it was late at night or on the weekend, I answered and they were able to talk to an attorney.

I get my clients answers immediately, and I try to be readily available. I tell my clients once they have signed up with me that if they leave a voicemail, that if they send an email, I will get back to them within twenty-four hours. The only thing keeping me from responding to things immediately is typically being in court or working on another case momentarily, but things get dealt with in a timely manner. Every client’s case is important to me. One of the things I have been able to do by running a smaller practice is to make sure that all my clients get the same type of attention, whether it is a traffic offense, a DUI, a serious aggravated assault, sexual assault or child abuse case, all my clients get the same treatment from me!

I really emphasize the point that the personal experience and the customer service that people are looking for is harder to find in some other places.

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