What Are The Laws Concerning Domestic Violence In Arizona?

How Is Domestic Violence Defined In The Eyes Of The Law In The State of Arizona?

Domestic violence is essentially any type of regular crime, most commonly assault, disorderly conduct and criminal damage. It becomes a domestic violence offense depending on the relationship between the parties involved. The most common is between a married couple, husband and wife. That is the most common situation.

Domestic violence can happen also between anyone with a familial relationship, parents and children likewise. It also extends to relationships where two people have either a romantic or a sexual relationship with one another regardless of whether they were married or family or some other relation. Those are the more common definitions for domestic violence in Arizona.

How Serious Are Domestic Violence Allegations In Arizona? Is An Attorney Able To Bond Someone Out? Is The Person Prevented From Contacting Their Spouse Or Children?

The more serious type of domestic violence allegation would be something that involves serious physical injury or death of the victim. Those will be cases where you may have a high enough bond where you could not bond out. However in typical cases, you are able to bond out in these cases. A lot of domestic violence charges are misdemeanor charges. There is absolutely going to be a restriction on contact with their spouse and their if the spouse is a victim, even if their children are not the victims, there can be a byproduct of the lack of contact they have with the spouse.

Sometimes, you are restricted from returning to your home while the case is pending even if you are actually the sole homeowner and you can have significant complications when you are charged with an offense like that. There are opportunities to make changes to your release conditions, get in front of a judge and explain either that they should consider allowing the parties to have some type of contact such as childcare or home maintenance. However, typically, the prosecution and judges are very hesitant to allow alleged victims and alleged suspects of domestic violence to have contact until there is some kind of resolution in place.

What Are Some Of The Penalties If Someone Is Found Guilty Or Pleads To A Charge Of Domestic Violence In Arizona?

They are very similar to any other misdemeanor or felony offense. There can be some type of incarceration, jail or prison if it is a felony domestic violence offense. Probation is the most common with typically mandatory domestic violence counseling or attendance and domestic violence classes. Often, there is a typical period of time to attend classes, about six to nine months, sometimes a year depending on the severity. There are oftentimes fines associated with domestic violence. Typically, those fines contribute to domestic violence related programs and shelters in that area. These are some of the penalties.

Also, having an offense designated as domestic violence offense in Arizona means that if you are convicted of further misdemeanor domestic violence offenses, once you get to a certain number of offenses, they can start charging them as felonies in the future, based on the number of prior offenses.

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