Are There Any Alternative Programs Available To First Time DUI Offenders?

In a lot of cases, such as drug possession and in low-level cases, there are diversion eligible offenses where individuals can complete classes, pay fines, do community service in exchange for a dismissal of the case. However, DUI is one of the few types of cases where there is not diversion program. The most common argument in a first time DUI is to try to get it down to what we call reckless driving and that’s still a criminal traffic offense, it doesn’t carry the mandatory penalties and the stigma that a DUI does.

What Qualities Should Someone Be Looking For When Retaining A DUI Defense Attorney?

DUI is a very competitive market here in Arizona. Attorney Jared Allen says that anyone thinking about hiring cheaper representation should question why the representation is so inexpensive. It’s one thing if you’ve been referred to them or a friend or a family member. That makes sense. However, if it is a young attorney, it could be that that attorney is very inexperienced and is willing to do cases for a very nominal fee.

The most important thing in hiring a DUI defense attorney is to find somebody that really has experience handling these cases. The best way to find out is to obviously do the research and then ask the prospective lawyer about his experience not only with DUI cases but in the court that you’re actually being prosecuted in. One of the important things Attorney Jared Allen explains to potential clients is that if their case is in a court where he frequently handles cases in, then he can tell them not how their case is going to resolve but what the plan is and what the possible outcomes are based on experience.

Asking questions about an attorney’s experience in a particular court or with particular types of charges is a really important way to determine whether you have somebody that’s qualified to handle your case and justified in charging whatever they may charge.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling DUI Cases?

A lot of people wonder why they should get an attorney for a DUI case. Shouldn’t they just go in and take the deal? Attorney Jared Allen tells clients that in any situation, whether it’s DUI or another type of criminal charge at the end of the day, whatever outcome you reach, in hiring an attorney at least you have had someone that thoroughly investigated your case. They have thoroughly explored the discovery and the evidence and explored the possible outcomes and negotiations with the prosecutor.

Whether you take a deal or whether you make a choice to go to trial, whatever it may be you decide, it is important that you get the best outcome in your case. Just walking in and taking the offer being made is not the best outcome. Attorney Jared Allen tells clients though they may not get the case dismissed, we may not avoid a conviction of some type but with enough review and effort and work on the defense attorney’s part, the possible punishments or plea or result can generally be altered in your favor versus just pleading guilty on your own.

Additional Information On DUI Defense In Arizona

There are a lot of attorneys that do DUI work in Arizona. To be able to choose an attorney that’s right for you, you have to be able to sit down and have a good rapport with that person. You have to feel confident in their ability to communicate with you and explain things. Most importantly, you should know that they are an attorney that does this type of work in these courts and can bring you up to speed on what the plan of attack is for your case. They should also be able to give you an idea of a timeline in terms of how the case will unfold. Those are the ways that determine whether someone really knows what they’re doing. That makes it easier to choose between one attorney or another.

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