Once Bail Is Posted, How Long Does It Take To Get Out Of Jail?

The release time can be one hour or less for local police stations and 6-12 hours in a county jail. The bond company has no control over this process so keep in mind that these times are not guaranteed but general time frames.

What Are Some Do’s And Don’ts While Out On Bail?

Our first priority is to protect the bond and the indemnitor so if there is the slightest concern that the client won’t go to their court date we need to know.

  • DO -Keep us informed on the results at court.
  • DO- Make sure that you update us with any changes to your living arrangements, job and personal contact information.
  • DO – Call us immediately if you miss court, show up late or get into any additional trouble while out on the bond.
  • DO – Bring us the exoneration once the case is over so we can close the case and return all collateral.
  • DON’T – Get rearrested!
  • DON’T – Miss court!

Do I Get My Money Back After My Case Is Over?

Yes. This is another question you want to ask when choosing your bond company and when you ask make sure you ask when you will get your money back. At Sanctuary Bail Bonds we return all cash collateral within 7 days of receiving the exoneration and in most cases within 4 days. If we are holding your collateral then we released that immediately as long as there isn’t an outstanding balance.

When Does My Relationship With The Bondsmen Company Actually Come To An End?

As soon as we receive the exoneration and there is no outstanding balances owed, your relationship and all the requirements from the bond company are completed.

How Important Is It To My Case To Choose The Right Bail Bondsman To Work With?

The bond industry has a reputation as being very aggressive and corrupt and sometimes rightfully so, make sure when you choose your bond company that you feel comfortable and safe knowing that they have your best interests in mind. Ask questions about the process; make sure you understand all the conditions of release and what rights you have as the Indemnitor. Ask for copies of everything you sign and don’t be afraid to speak with them with concerns. The cost for choosing the wrong company can be substantial. Not only are you faced with losing money, property and your personal belongings but you could see your loved ones right back in jail.

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