What Is Bail In Arizona?

Bail allows people who have been arrested to remain out of jail while waiting for trial. It can be paid by friends or relatives. In fact, anyone can bail another person out of jail. Many people who are not willing or able to come up with bail money on their own seek the services of bail bondsmen, who post (pay) bail for a fee. The bail bond fee is usually 10 % of the total bond amount along with collateral to secure/protect the bond. The bond is to allow the person to be released during their court dates and is a promise to appear at court and has nothing to do with the guilt or innocence of the accused.

How Is The Bail Amount Determined?

Some states have a set amount of money for you bail based on the charges (a bail schedule) but in Arizona we have a variety of factors that go into determining how much your bail will be. These include severity of the crime, if you are a flight risk, financial situations, if you have a job, ties to the community, family support or repeat offender. A big consideration is also if you have retained your own legal counsel. In the end it is the Judge who takes these factors into consideration and issues the bond amount.

Does Everyone Get Out On Bail?

Bail is a constitutional right but there are times when a NO BOND is set. This could be due to probation violations or severity of the charges. The amount of the bond or if a bond will be set is determined at an actual bail hearing. This hearing is only to determine whether a bond will be set and not to argue the case itself.

What Are My Options For Posting Bail?

If you have the means to pay the bond amount in full yourself then you would go to the bonds and fines windows with a Western Union money order for the full amount and you will be able to get your friend or loved one released. We would advise verifying the bond amounts prior to getting the Western Union money order. Many times a judge will say the bond amount and tell the inmate that they can pay 10% for a bond. This leads the inmate to believe that on a $10,000 bond they only have to pay $1,000 even to the courts. This is not the case.

You must pay the bond in FULL if you are not using a bail bond company. Your second option is to use us. We charge the Arizona required rate of 10% of the bond for fees and collateral to secure 100% of the bond. Your third option is to allow the person to remain in jail and hope that during their trial the judge decides to either reduce their bond amount or O/R them (released on their own recognizance) for the duration of their case.

What Should I Know Before I Contact A Bail Agent?

We would need at least the person’s full legal name and date of birth in order to find out their information. It helps to have their booking number, county that they are being held and charges but we can find that out for you. Please be prepared to discuss options for the fees and the collateral.

Can My Attorney Help Set This Up Or My Family?

Absolutely. If someone has a warrant or if the attorney is aware of the bond amount in advance then we can fill out all necessary paperwork and have the bond ready to go. In some cases we can actually go with the client to court and present the bond at their court hearing. In the case of a warrant the client can actually go with us to the bonds and fines window where we post the bond right away and the client walks out with us without being processed.

How Often Am I Required To Contact The Bondsman Once I Am Out?

Each bond company has their own requirements but at Sanctuary Bail Bonds we would require to have our clients check in with us at least twice a week. They also have to update us with all their contact information and court results. Each client’s conditions of release can vary based on their charges, collateral being used and if the Indemnitor wishes to add their own requirements.

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